Thursday 23 May 2019



Soi to Paddy is a website about all things Thailand. No world trips for me travelling the four points of the globe. My name is Anthony Dahl and I’m a lawyer by profession located in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve been travelling on a yearly basis to Thailand since 2004 and even spent a year along the way living in Bangkok. Its fair to say over that time I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge about the place and wanted to share that experience by creating this website Soi to Paddy. Each year I try to make 3 to 5 trips to Thailand to spend time with my family. I’ve also been to other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore etc (I confess I love Asia)… but I always found myself back in Thailand.


Since getting married, I now spend the majority of my time in the north-eastern part of Thailand (wonderful Yasothon to be exact) where my wife lives and runs her own business. While the usual tourist destinations in Thailand satisfies the casual traveler (and me for a while), there is even more to be explored and discovered away from the neon haze and beaches.

When people talk to me about traveling to Thailand, its impossible to explain everything I’ve picked up from my time in Thailand without overloading them with information. It’s also nearly impossible to convince them to stray away from the main tourist areas of Thailand and discover the less seen parts of Thailand. To some degree I understand why as I was the same myself until I started exploring Thailand away from the main tourist areas. Soi to Paddy website will hopefully inspire a change.

This blog isn’t about tracking down some remote area for the sake of being the first person to write about it. The blog is simply a record of some of my travels, experiences and at times opinion on things to do with Thailand and to let people see what else goes on in Thailand.


One thing that life has taught me is that different people will take and interpret the same things differently. Without getting into the  ‘whys’, its easier to accept this as being inevitable.  Thailand seems to be one of those countries that brings out polar opinions and everything in-between. It is therefore possible, when I write about my experiences and opinions, they may differ to some readers of this blog which is fine as there are very few absolutes in life. If you want to let me know about your own experiences or wish to contact me about anything else, you can either email directly from the email icon in footer or complete the contact form using this link.


Now for the lawyer side of me to come out. At times, it is easier or convenient to talk in the context of or make generalisations. For any bad experience or observation I make, there will sure to be at least an equal number of good experiences. I simply cannot qualify a statement to this effect every time I write something. There is good and bad through out this world and making an observation on someone who might be considered bad, rude or different doesn’t mean it applies to everyone in that country. Also any views or opinions I express are purely mine and do not reflect the views, thoughts or opinions of anyone else regardless of whether any other person is identified in a particular post or elsewhere on this site.


Don’t hate me for it, but at some stage I’d like to grow this site and improve the backend with faster servers etc to provide a better experience to visitors as it gets more traffic = more server load. Rest assured that I’m not going to talk highly about a product or service simply because there is a possible buck in it because there is a related affiliate link or advertising – I call it how I see it, the good, the bad and the ugly.