Monday 22 October 2018
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A visit to Thailand is always special. It’s a country with something for everybody, from golden beaches, to ornate temples, to vibrant cities. Planning your trip to Thailand and visiting at the right time though to incorporate at least one festivals/events can help make a special visit to Thailand, into one that’s unforgettable which you’ll be telling people about for years.

There’s endless variety between the Thai festivals/events. No matter your style, the festive spectrum is covered in Thailand with some celebrations being joyful and fun to others that are more reserved focusing on reverence towards religion and monarchy.

Whatever the festivals/events, Thai people always love to pull out all the stops drawing a lot of interest. Even though these events and festivals occur each year, you’ll very rarely go to the same event experiencing the exact same sights and celebrations. From weeks to an entire year, efforts are undertaken and dedicated to planning and preparation of these events and festivals.