The Thailand International Kite Festival happens every two years, across a weekend in early or mid-March. In 2017 it took place from March 10th-12th.


The Thailand International Kite Festival is a weekend of frivolity for fun-lovers and families. All of the events are – as you can guess from the name – centered around kites.

These aren’t just any kites that are on display. Many of them are absolutely enormous, some even reaching a whopping 40m long. They’re as colorful as you’d expect from a Thai festival, and the designs range from traditional Thai patterns to sea animals like whales and octopi, and even popular movie characters.

There is a competitive element to the weekend too. Entrants from around the world compete in a series of categories including high flying, marathon flying, and giant kite flying. If you want to try your hand too, you’ll have ample opportunity to do so. You can even make and fly your own kite.

Elsewhere there’s a quite spectacular musical kite performance, other live musical acts, a radio-controlled airplane show, and of course – this being Thailand – lots and lots of food on offer.

On top of everything else, the event is completely free!


You could be forgiven for simply saying, ‘Why not?!’ Does there really need to be a reason for lots of people to get together, and alternately fly or marvel at gorgeous kites?

Well, no. But there is also a more highbrow reason for the Thailand International Kite Festival, which is to bring the countries of Southeast Asia closer together, as well as strengthening Thailand’s relationships with farther-flung countries in Australasia, Europe and North America.


The Thailand International Kite Festival takes place at the Rama VI Army Camp, which is located right next to the ocean in Cha-am, in Phetchaburi province. It’s only around 18km north of Hua Hin, making it an easy journey from the popular seaside resort town.

Hua Hin is extremely easy to get to from Bangkok, with plenty of buses and trains departing every single day. If you can, I’d recommend staying a few days there to see what Hua Hin itself has to offer and visiting the Thailand International Kite Festival by road on the days you want to attend.

Cha-am is a pleasant enough beach town to stay in too, however. Again, you can reach Cha-am by rail or by road from Bangkok, although departures aren’t quite as frequent as they are to Hua Hin.

Cha-am Beach

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