The Pullman King Power delivers for the most part a 5 star stay at a good price. In fact, when an Accor sale is on, its almost irresistible despite some minor issues. An added bonus you won't see from other hotel is if you stay in an executive room or suite, you will be given complimentary access to the King Power Lounge at Suvarnabhumi airport while you wait to board your international flight.
Executive rooms get complimentary airport lounge access
Nice Executive Lounge
Great value for 5 star hotel
Service in main restuarant was sub-par from previous stays
Location not the best but not the worst
Check out the Hotel directly


Having stayed at Pullman King Power hotel a number of times over the years, I expected my latest stay to simply confirm the hotel as being my ‘go to hotel’ in Bangkok. A ‘go to hotel’ for me includes one I could recommend unconditionally to anybody looking for a good hotel to stay at. The Pullman King Power recently underwent a refurbishment reopening in November 2016 – surely this would simply improve on things already present. What I discovered in addition to a refresh of décor, were changes unfortunately not for the best. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a nice enough hotel to stay at…it’s just…not my ‘go to hotel’ anymore and while I would still recommend it to people, I would note a few reservations.

Pullman King Power Hotel

Visually, the Pullman King Power is great inside and out. Once you walk through the lobby doors your arrival confirms you made a good decision with your choice of hotel. The Pullman King Power has employed a cost cutting approach that may not be evident to a first-time guest, but is easily evident for return guests. This approach ultimately detracts from your experience from the subtle to the more frustrating and annoying. The most frustrating to downright ‘what not to do’ experiences can be read later in this review relating to dining at the hotel.

The main reception counter on the ground floor at the Pullman King Power. This is where you will check-in unless you’ve booked an executive room or suite in which case you will be escorted to the Executive Lounge on the 20th floor to check-in. Most of the time they will direct you to reception to confirm your reservation first even though you tell them you have booked an executive room.

Looking down from the 17th floor where my suite was located, you can see the “green area” on the ground floor where the koi pond is located and to the right the pool area which is located on the 4th floor. The L shaped building is where the standard rooms are located but I’ve always stayed in the tower where this picture is taken.

Walking around what I call the green area with the koi ponds. The doorway in the background is the entrance which is directly opposite the main restaurant.

Picture of some of the koi in the green area. There are more outside the shot but not quite as many as there use to be.

Seating area under the sun sails which I believe that you can smoke in this area. As the hotel has non-smoking rooms, I suppose there has to be a place to go for those who smoke.

Picture of Pullman King Power hotel tuktuk arriving at Century. The Pullman King Power has 2 tuktuk’s that shuttle people between the Hotel/King Power and Century Shopping Mall which connects directly with the Victory Monument BTS which you can access by going upstairs and is the quickest way to access the BTS. In the past the service was intermittent where it was faster to just walk (about a 5-10 minute walk) but they seemed to have picked their game up recently where a tuktuk was either waiting or on its way.