The Executive Lounge at the Pullman King Power offers daily happy hour between 5 – 7pm. The menu offers various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to suit your mood. While not noted in the menu, they do have other sprits available for your more popular drinks for example gin, whisky, vodka, kalua, Tia Maria, Drambuie etc.

I always start the night with a few drinks in the lounge and some food to keep you going until dinner. Be warned, it’s quite easy to eat enough over the 2 hours where dinner becomes optional. The good news is that the food menu changes to some degree each night so for those who are staying a few nights, you can enjoy a variety throughout your stay although the selection follows the same theme. Before the renovations, the food on the table was at least double if not triple the quantity that is there now and the visual impact is now lost making the experience less luxurious. It can’t be helped but to think this is bean counting at work and the same thought popped up a number of times during my trip. In saying that, the smaller quantity is replaced quickly enough and I don’t recall any items running out during my 3 night stay.

Your drinks menu. I must confess that I’m a fan of black Russians and my usual order is a double. I do notice that the mix will change depending on who makes the drink and not sure how that can occur if they are measuring pours. I have seen measures where they mix drinks, I suppose it may be optional for some.

Chocolates a macarons along with cheeses, dried fruit and other bits and bobs.

Bread available as well as in the background you can see 2 hotpots that contains hot food. These changed daily but from memory on this evening one was a strew and the other was mashed potato with truffle.

I think the above picture is worth a thousand words and you can see what is on offer in the cold section. For nibbles, I usually just select items from here. The vanilla tarts with fruit – top left of the picture were exceptional.