The Pullman King Power has a main restaurant where it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s not too much to say that pictures can’t and when researching hotels to stay at, I must confess, my first point of call is to look at guests’ pictures of the food served by the hotel as an indicator of the hotel’s true star rating. Of course, it’s not the only factor that comes into play when selecting a hotel, but it’s a good starting point.

Various shots around the main restaurant at the Pullman King Power showing some of the seating area.

Egg station where eggs can be made to order or selecting ready to eat options.

As the sign suggests, different food of the day is provided to add some variety to the menu, in this case some Egg muffins with tomato, carrot and celery with tomato sauce.

Moving on, some protein of your choice in cooked ham, streaky bacon, chicken and pork sausages.

Various dishes changed each day, in this case Chicken Briyani, Pad Thai, Fried Rice and some sort of beef and vegetable stir fry.

Various vegetable dishes including potato wedges and baked beans. Once again, the selection changes day to day. Over the 3 days these did get emptied and a little slow in getting them refilled on occasions by the kitchen staff. Picture taken just after dishes being refreshed.

Moving on further down the line we get to the Asian section which starts off with dimsum. Prior to the refurbishment, the dim sum’s use to be next to the egg station in a large stainless steel steamer with a large capacity. As you can see, it doesn’t take much for these to run out requiring staff to refill which does cause a delay leaving you to either miss out or return to the station later.

If you are in the mood for some noodle soup, this is the station you can request for it to be made up for you with various condiments available.

Some Kanom Krok if you are feeling in the mood for breakfast or a good opportunity to test if you were wondering what they taste like if you noticed them sold by street vendors.

Lastly for the hot food section, various Asian soups such as congee, rice soup, miso with condiments of choice.

Nice selection of fruits in season to give you that sense of freshness while dining at the Pullman King Power.

Sushi and salad section.

With various dressings to go with your salad for your selection.

Juice selection. This has improved positively as previously the juice tasted it was from cartons (think juice you get on airplanes). In saying that, as per my observations in the Executive Lounge, the juice has been blended with water which some people may prefer, personally I don’t. I also didn’t see them doing any juicing at the station and the attendant was simply filing up the decanters from the under counter refrigerator. Maybe they considered the noise factor but I’ve been to other hotels in Bangkok that offered a juicing station and I didn’t find it intrusive. It would be a huge step forward with little effort to offer guests juicing on the spot allowing guests to create their own juice in addition to the ready available juice. I should add the juice selection did change for the most part each day with pineapple juice offered on one day and passionfruit juice on another day. Orange juice is present every day.

Seasonal fruits on offer along with water which you can take by the glass or take a bottle back to your table.

Selection of various prepared yoghurt, fruit salad, and muesli which forms part of the fresh fruit and juice station.

Another angle showing the cereal section with milk and you can see chocolate milk in the ice bucket.

Selection of cold meats to go with your salad or you could make yourself a sandwich.

Cheese selection which changes somewhat on different days such as changing out one for goat cheese. Unfortunately, no blue cheese was sighted over 4 breakfast visits and 1 dinner.

Various spreads to go with your toast or fresh bread. When I say fresh bread, I can’t vouch baked that morning but this is common with most hotels I’ve stayed at. What I’ve found more often than not in every hotel I’ve stayed at, the bread is “fresh” within a 24-hour period. There has been one exception, but unfortunately that was more intermittent than the norm. There is nothing more decadent in my opinion than eating fresh baked bread and I have made excuses in the past to stay at a hotel in Thailand that was offering (for a brief period) freshly baked bread.

I’ve seen this at other 5 star hotels but I think it is a nice touch to reinforce the idea of getting a natural product – something in my view hotels should be promoting at every opportunity where possible.

Bakery selection which also prepares freshly cooked mini pancakes, waffles, French toast and bread pudding. The bread pudding goes great with the vanilla sauce but I didn’t try this trip.

Some standard Danishes you would expect to find in 5 star hotel. Once again prior to the renovation these use to be set out in a large quantity and not dependent on the staff member working on the station to keep up with availability.

And to round up this part, I decided to indulge in some items for review purposes only (I swear) that I wouldn’t normally select. The bun on the right is a butter and sugar dough which didn’t really find favour to my tastes. On the left, same dough bun but with semi preserved (or maybe just dried out from being cut and left – either way tasted nice) strawberry but unfortunately mock cream which once again doesn’t find favour with my tastes. On top custard Danish with preserve which I do normally eat and was nice as expected.

There you are, breakfast buffet at the Pullman King Power hotel.