As mentioned earlier, the main restaurant for the Pullman King Power is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I happen to be there Xmas day which also fell on the weekend meaning that they include a seafood BBQ. Having eaten at this restaurant a number of times in the evening, there really wasn’t that much of a difference to a normal night other than some Xmas themed desserts. I think I will get through what I disliked first and then end on a positive note.

For some reason, the hotel has moved their bbq station outside where previously it was inside the restaurant kitchen. If you go back to Part 2, you can see the tables outside the doors in the green area. I’m not sure what they do if it is raining but this wasn’t a problem on this night. First picture shows the first lot of bbq cooked and delivered to the table. You basically select what you from the buffet and place onto a plate which you  then hand to the cooking staff to cook. You can see the peg with the number 25 identifying the table you are seated at to allow them to return the cooked food to the right table. The food was cooked properly and was enjoyable with the thai dipping sauce which in itself a better recipe than other hotel buffets we’ve eaten at.

Unfortunately, the second lot arrived at the table undercooked including the beef kebab which I quite enjoyed the first time. It might be a bit hard to appreciate from the photo’s but trust me, it was undercooked and that is when our seafood buffet dining ended.

Smoked salmon which would have been nice to sample but unfortunately, I didn’t feel like scraping up the leftovers. This is what it looked like when we arrived at the restaurant just before 8pm and this is the picture I took just after 9pm. We left around 9.30pm and it was still there as per the above picture. I really don’t understand how the restaurant manager could consider this acceptable presentation for a 5-star dining experience and leaves a negative impact on your overall experience at the Pullman King Power Hotel.

These were quite nice (we opted for the duck) and tasted as they should. The only criticism I can make is that they could have had more filing. I make these at home from a kit you buy at the supermarket and I’m use to more filing so the taste of the wrap doesn’t overpower the duck – which is what happened here.

Some of the choices of food available on the night. The food here was well cooked and enjoyable.

And of course there is always pizza available with the Pullman King Power having a permanent pizza oven installed in the kitchen.

Some choices of cold meats, cheeses and bread. Salad was also available at another station. Looking at the cold meat, the quantity gives the impression you are scraping up the leftovers and visually they should have sliced more to entice diners. There was no ability to slice your own so if you wanted something else not already sliced or wanted more, you would need to grab someone to come and do this for you. Once again, disappointing presentation impacting on your dining experience.

Finally, some desert selection for the evening. Except for a couple of items, this is what you will see on any other night dining at the restaurant. The stainless-steel tubs in the background of the second picture contains ice-cream.

The macarons are always nice at the Pullman King Power.

And to end this part, probably the most Xmas themed presentation I saw on the night. These are flavoured jellies and looks like nobody was interested in eating any or they just thought it was for display only? I had filled up from dining and there wasn’t a lot of room left for desserts so I didn’t sample everything.

Overall, it’s a nice enough buffet meal for the cost. Sure, there are more decadent buffets on offer in Bangkok but they are also more expensive so it comes down to what experience you are looking for – value for money or decadence. If value for money, the buffet at the Pullman is probably one of the more reasonable priced options in Bangkok. Receiving under cooked food and having some food not being replenished did detract from the dining experience and I hope they improve on this. One thing I noticed from previous stays is reduced staffing which is always going to impact on dining experience and something the hotel may want to reevaluate. By way of only one example, the last time we dined at the hotel for dinner, we were approached a number of times asking if everything was fine and if we needed anything. On this night, we were asked once if we were ok. For some people, they may prefer not being approached while dining but I think it portrays a genuine interest in guest satisfaction and allows dinners to make requests without the need to hunt down a staff member.