Accor Loyalty Program (Le Club)

In addition to being a member of Accor Le Club, I’m a member of a number of hotel loyalty programs (some used more than others) and unsurprising they follow pretty much the same model – the more nights you stay results in the more points you accumulate resulting in benefits to you. Following that same model, points expire after a certain period of time, typically, 12 months from date of points being awarded. The concept is no different to airline frequent flyer programs or any other loyalty program. But any loyalty program, be it hotel chain or airline, is only as good in the ability to actually convert those accrued points into tangible benefits (just like insurance policies – they’re only as good as what they pay out when needed). I’m not a high frequency traveler by any stretch of the imagination, so the problem I face more often than not is my points expiring before cashing/converting those points to benefits.

Finding a way to extend your points expiry is tricky without an actual hotel stay being required and this is where I think the Accor Loyalty Program outshines the rest. There is a simple (paid) hack you can do to instantly acquire Accor Gold status without staying a single night. I should also mention that it helps that my preferred hotels in Bangkok are a member of the Accor Group.

Extend the expiry of your points

Lets cut to the chase of this post, Accor offers the ability for you to earn points by completing online surveys. The surveys will give you X number of points depending on the estimated length of time to complete the survey. You are required to go through an initial setup of your account by answering a set of questions to allow them to forward relevant surveys to you, but in exchange, you get an immediate 300 point bonus to your Accor account.

The receipt of points into your account is considered an activity. The Accor program then extends the expiry of all your points by 12 months after each activity on your account. That is a very important bit of information to take in, the 12 month extension is on all your points and overrides the 12 months period you are normally required to use your points from time of those points being credited.

I don’t know what other people think, but that is a game changer for me. To be honest, I don’t really have any loyalty to one brand and will base my decision on value for money. The reason for this is that I never really stayed at one hotel chain enough times to get any real ‘ongoing’ benefit from their membership program because what usually happened was for my points to expire before being able to make use of them.

Accor Loyalty Program Survey Partners

There are two survey partners that I’m aware of that you can use to obtain Accor Le Club points.

Club Opinions – will give you a fixed point reward of either 25 or 50 points for each completed survey depending on survey time. Every point you earn equates to the same number of Accor points. This is the program that I prefer to use which is explained further down.

Erewards – this program operates differently to Club Opinions where you are required to accure a minimum number of points before you can exchange them for Accor points. This program also offers bonus points if you ‘cash out’ at higher levels. While you may get 400 points completing a survey, these don’t convert 1:1 to Accor points. If you intend to be a survey junkie to amass points to reduce the costs of your annual hotel stay, this might be a better option.

Choice in how to use your points

There are two ways to use your points with the Accor Loyalty Program, either in the form of offsetting the costs of your room at time of booking or converting your points into vouchers to use at any Accor Group Hotel.

Experience with Accor Loyatly Program Survey Partners

The survey time I find with both survey partners is inconsistent, more often than not they take longer to complete than their estimates. If you are just looking to keep your points alive, doing one survey isn’t really going to be that much of an inconvenience in a 12 month period.

I’ve found more success in completing surveys with Club Opinions than with Erewards. Erewards will reward you partial points if you do not match their requirements compared to Club Opinions that only award on successful completion. I personally don’t think the partial points really offset the higher levels of survey rejection with Erewards.


  1. There are certain tricks/approaches to reduce your chances of being rejected for a survey. First, try to indicate your interest in as many products the initial questions ask. The downside I believe is that the survey can incorporate mini surveys into the one survey which will result in longer completion times. After a few surveys, it doesn’t take overly long to work out which questions will immediately invalidate you and which ones will improve your eligibility for the survey.
  2. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t qualify for a survey, there will be plenty more opportunities that will come along.
  3. You will need to ensure that you have an Accor membership is setup so you can link your survey points to your Accor account.

Links to the above Reward Reward Programs

Club Opinions