It’s a great feeling to be able to find a way to fast track your loyalty program so you can receive the benefits normally reserved for the higher membership tiers. If you don’t mind paying some money upfront, you can immediately start reaping the benefits of Le Club gold status from your very first visit at any Accor hotel. I found the initial cost is easily offset in savings you get with upgrades. Of course, your mileage will depend on the number of times you stay at an Accor hotel over 12 month period.

Years ago, Accor use to give out complimentary Platinum status through various promos. I must admit this is where I got accustomed to the benefits of the higher echelon member status of the Accor Le Club. Sadly, Accor don’t seem to run this promo anymore despite my best attempts in trying to track down an active offer.

I will point out for any critics, this and any other post to do with any Accor hotel isn’t a mindless sales pitch for them. Accor hotels aren’t perfect and I’m sure they could come under criticism like any other business. Being a business owner myself, I know you can never keep 100% of your customers 100% happy despite your best efforts and intentions.

Not with standing the above qualification, I truly believe this is a good deal for a traveler in circumstances similar to myself where I can’t reach gold status by meeting minimum nights of stay (30 nights or 10,000 points over a 12 month period to be exact*), but I stay enough times where the benefits of not having Accor hotel Gold status is missed. I can reach Silver status without much effort, but the real benefits start at Gold. For those who are wondering, if you compare Gold status to Platinum, you really aren’t missing out on a lot between the two levels and is another reason why I like Accor hotel Le Club membership, the real benefits are within reach.

If you aren’t familiar with the Accor Group, Accor consists of a number of hotel chains like Pullman, Mercure, Sofitel, Sebel and a number of other chains. Most importantly for the purpose of this post, the Accor Group includes the Ibis hotel chain, however I have to admit, I have never stayed at an Ibis hotel before.

Ibis Business Card

Ibis offer you the ability to purchase the Ibis Business Card which gives you special privileges like 10% off room rate and breakfast across the majority of Ibis hotels. There are other benefits offered at Ibis hotels, but lets be honest, I didn’t enroll for the purpose of staying at a Ibis hotel or visiting them for a meal or a drink (not that I wouldn’t, I just haven’t yet).

More importantly, after joining Ibis Business, you will immediately attain complimentary Gold status with Le Club for the next 12 months, being the valid period for Ibis Business, so you have to renew every year to keep it. Other than paying the annual fee of , thats it!


There are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure the accounts link up. First, you will want to already have a free Accor Le Club account which is activated and you can log in etc. Do not confuse this with Accor Plus which is a premium paid membership run by Accor themselves. Accor Plus might appeal to some travelers, but I wasn’t convinced it offered me anything in relation to my travel habits to offset the AUD$385 price tag for Accor Plus.

Secondly, when you create your account with Ibis Business, I had a tab open in my browser with me logged into my Accor Le Club account.

Thirdly, I would highly recommend (to the point of saying to do it!) that you use the same email and password that you used for Le Club. This seems to reduce any hiccups in connecting the two accounts which is required to receive gold status.

Why would you want Le Club Gold Status

This is easily answered if you see yourself using the benefits that Gold status brings to you when staying at a Accor hotel. You can compare the benefits between the different status below.

2017 Update

I should note that Accor have restructed their reward and status points for Accor Le Club commencing on 1 January 2017. While it doesn’t appear to change how points can be accumulated, redeemed (or more importantly keeping your points alive), it’s easier if I provide a link to the relevant Accor hotel page which sets out the changes.

New rules for Le Club status levels