Thai Music Video – Another Jazz Song!

By Jazz Sapooknik Papiyong Kukkuk

I’m really starting to like this singer and his music style. Here is another song which takes the opportunity of combining a fun upbeat tune, while at the same time, incorporating lyrics discussing the modern Thai society obsession with social media and the negatives of that. Wherever you go in major cities, notably Bangkok, you will see Thai’s glued to their mobile phone at every opportunity. Compared to rural life in the midst of rice paddies…not so much!

The great news about this particular music video is, no need for a translation as the video incorporates English subtitles letting you to keep pace with the lyrics and message this song is trying to convey.

If you are familiar with Thai TV – you should be able to spot a couple of familiar, or should I say… famous faces making an appearance in this music video.

Some interesting points to note, the main backdrop for the video is located at the ‘Big Swing’ in Bangkok. Secondly at the end of the video you see them talking about the cost of the lights. A very safely worded criticism concerning the scandal concerning the then Bangkok governor over the costs of a New Year Eve’s light show. If you are interested in reading more on that subject, you can read it here – Bangkok Post. Since the writing of that article, the Governor was removed by the Government in October 2016. To be honest, it was a spectacular light show but obviously the “extravagant” price paid by the BMA drew criticism and…attention.

Anyway, enjoy the music video with included English subtitles!